Susan features on a CD of Cilia Petridou’s choral work Byzantine Doxology.

Cilia Petridou was an accomplished pianist until her career was ended by major surgery, since when she has concentrated on composition. Moving with her family to the UK, she was hugely affected by the Turkish invasion of north Cyprus which destroyed their home town of Famagusta; her music is often informed by that political and social tragedy and also by the landscapes of Cyprus, ancient literature and the Greek Orthodox liturgy.

This double album is in two parts: The Asmata is a collection of songs inspired by modern Greek poetry, divided between two sopranos. A small vocal ensemble then presents the Byzantine Doxology, a new setting of Orthodox liturgical texts. Most is sung in Greek and is suffused, even in the case of a setting of Emily Dickinson, with the musical traditions of that country. The composer has also been much inspired by the ancient writings of Anyte of Tegea.

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