In 2019 Susan featured in ITV’s flagship crime drama Endeavour.

Susan played the lead opera diva Angelica in Matthew Slater’s opera La Sposa Del Demonio, written for Series Seven, recording the soundtrack with the London Metropolitan Orchestra.

The narrative of the series of the award-winning show mirrored and cross-referenced a bespoke Baroque style opera in which Susan played the heroine Angelina in all three episodes.

Susan worked closely with the composer and conductor of Endeavour, Matthew Slater, during the development and recording of the score and the on-set filming of his opera which took place in Central London during August 2019. Susan, who is no stranger to featuring on film and video game scores, found this a unique challenge.

As she recalls: “I received the score and the complex Italian libretto early in the morning of the day of the recording session at Angel Studios in London. I remember being driven up the A3 learning the notes and translating the libretto to uncover the nuances of the drama. The recording was an intense but thrilling experience.”

Susan then attended two days of filming during which Slater’s opera was fully staged in Baroque costume.

As is customary on location the filming days start punishingly early: I had to be in the make-up department at 5am, with my Baroque costume fitting at 5.30am ready for call at 6am. It was great to have my own trailer and an amazingly talented and experienced team to make sure filming went without a hitch.